Posted by: Pauline | September 23, 2018

Scriptures for Sunday September 30

Ezekiel 36:23-29a

When we think about being faithful – or unfaithful – to God, we often focus on the consequences for ourselves. In this passage, God points out the effect on other people, especially those who do not know God. His people had “profaned His name” among the nations by their unfaithfulness. Now God will act so that the nations will know that He is Lord and that He is holy, because He will change His people’s hearts so that they will turn from sin and be faithful to Him.

Mark 1:9-11

When we think about Jesus being baptized, we tend to focus on the question of why Jesus would choose to be baptized. Mark does not even address why Jesus went down into the waters of baptism, but focuses on what happened as Jesus came up out of the water. The heavens were “torn open,” and many scholars connect this event at the beginning of Jesus’ ministry with one at the end of his life, when Mark uses the same word for “torn open” regarding the curtain of the temple torn from top to bottom. Both events point to God breaking into our earthly lives. enabling us to come to know Him.


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