Posted by: Pauline | August 5, 2018

Scriptures for Sunday August 12

Psalm 130

Most if not all of us can think of times when our troubles have seemed overwhelming. We can imagine what the psalmist must have felt as he cried to God “out of the depths.” We beg God for help, and sometimes our hope begins to falter when He does not seem to come through for us in the time frame we think appropriate. The psalmist is addressing God, not us, but we can learn from his example to wait and hope.

John 6:41-58

Was Jesus trying to provoke a reaction among his listeners? Who could hear him speak of eating his flesh and drinking his blood and not have a strong reaction? Those who were committed to him would continue to follow him, trusting that he had a good reason for what he said, whether they understood it or not. But any who were merely curious, or hoping for a miracle that might benefit them personally, must have found a disturbing element in his teaching this time.

Jesus could have given a message that was easier for people to swallow. But his mission was not to win people over, it was to speak the truth to those who listened, especially to those who were drawn to him by the Father.


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