Posted by: Pauline | July 15, 2018

Scriptures for Sunday July 22

Psalm 89:20-37

This middle portion of Psalm 89 recalls God’s promises to David and his descendants. Reading just this portion, one gets little sense of the significance of this to the psalmist. But immediately after this portion, the psalmist makes it clear that current circumstances make it appear that God has renounced the covenant with David.

God had promised that even if He had to punish Israel for disobedience, He would still keep his covenant with David. The psalmist believes in God’s faithfulness. But it is not easy to hold onto that confidence considering the death and destruction around him. He believes God will keep His promise, but how long will it take?

Ephesians 2:11-22

The Gentiles in Ephesus had never had promises like that from God – the pagan gods they worshiped were hardly known for their faithfulness. Historically they had always been outside the covenant that God made with Israel, and many Jews did not welcome the idea that God should now include them.

Only in Christ could the two groups be reconciled. He had taught by word and example to love one’s enemy, but it was by his death on the cross that he reconciled them both to God, and to one another.


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