Posted by: Pauline | April 16, 2018

Scriptures for Sunday April 22

Psalm 57

Unlike many psalms where we can only guess at what difficulties the author of the psalm was facing, here we know that David was fleeing from Saul and took refuge in a cave. It was likely the event narrated in 1 Samuel 24, when Saul entered the same cave, and David had the opportunity to kill him but refused to kill the Lord’s anointed king.

We don’t know whether David composed this psalm before or after the encounter with Saul. It is evident from the psalm that his trust in God is not dependent on his current circumstances. In the midst of difficulties, he still praises God and declares his confidence that God will deliver him.

Philippians 4:10-20

In our society today, we are bombarded daily by marketing messages designed to make us want what we do not already have. Paul’s attitude of being content with little or with plenty is foreign to many of us. We may choose not to buy something, whether because we lack the money or because we choose to use the money elsewhere, but wish we could have it and feel dissatisfied when we have to do without.

Paul’s speaks of having “learned” to be content, and he points us in the right direction for learning the same lesson. It is not from his own strength of character but from Christ who gives him the strength to do all things.


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