Posted by: Pauline | April 9, 2018

Scriptures for Sunday April 15

Job 1:1-22

To acknowledge that all that we have comes from God is common among religious people, and even to say that it all still belongs to Him, and is given in trust to us for a time, is not too hard when we still have it. But when disasters strike, we generally find ourselves feeling wronged that we have lost so much, because really we tend to think of it as ours.

Job must have felt great grief, and probably anger, but even in such a crisis he is able to remember that everything he had lost was not really his but God’s, to give or take away according to His sovereign will.

1 Corinthians 10:12-13

While most of our Bible translations use the words temptation and tempted in verse 13, they can also be translated using test/trial and tested/tried. Paul likely has both meanings in mind in this passage. Whether we think in terms of temptation or trial, we get into trouble if we think either that we are strong enough that it will be no problem for us, or if we think it is too strong for us and we give in quickly.

Paul tells us that temptations/trials come to everyone, so we should expect them and be ready. And he reminds us that God gives us what we need to stand against them, not in our strength but in His.


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