Posted by: Pauline | April 1, 2018

Scriptures for Sunday April 8

Psalm 10

The narrative sections of the Bible often portray God acting to deliver His people from their oppressors. Sometimes it seems like God is doing miracles left and right. We wonder how people could have failed to recognize God’s power and trust in and obey Him.

But psalms like this one show us that God very often seemed absent from people’s lives. He allowed oppressors to go on committing violence, theft, and other injustices, openly scoffing at the idea of God’s judgment, and apparently doing quite well for themselves. This tested the faith of those who did remain faithful – why was God allowing this to go on?

But those faithful ones also knew that God had delivered His people in the past, and trusted that He would again. It was not just wishful thinking, but based on what they knew of God’s righteous character. And that gave them confidence for the future, despite their continued suffering in the present.

Hebrews 12:1-17

The writer of Hebrews has just finished giving a lengthy catalog of those we might call “heroes of the faith” (although a few may not strike us as particularly heroic). In chapter 11 we see people who, by faith, endure many things – uncertainty, loss of power or privilege, suffering, death. Now we are called upon to endure also, as even Jesus himself did.

While we may not feel comfortable grouping ourselves with those men and women of faith, or with our Savior, all of us face a variety of troubles in life. We might sometimes think it is because God doesn’t care or has forgotten, but we are reminded that it is in fact the opposite, that God requires us to go through these trials because He loves us, in order to develop us into mature people of faith.


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