Posted by: Pauline | March 20, 2018

Scriptures for Sunday March 25

Psalm 31:9-19

The writer of this psalm is in great distress, both physically and emotionally. But even worse is the rejection by his neighbors, who perhaps fear that they will end up like him if they don’t keep their distance. He compares himself to a broken shard of pottery, a worthless and forgotten bit of rubbish that no one cares about or even notices.

While verse 5 is not part of the selected passage from this psalm, it is one that Jesus quotes while on the cross, and he may well have identified with much of the psalmist’s distress and sense of being rejected. But he also, like the psalmist, still trusts in God and His steadfast love and goodness.

Mark 14:1-11

Jesus provoked strong reactions in people. The chief priests and scribes schemed to kill him, and Judas Iscariot chose to side with them. But an unnamed woman felt such a strong desire to honor Jesus that she used what may have been her most valuable possession, costing around a year’s wages, in an extravagant gesture of devotion.

We know that other people may have simply gone along with the crowd, whether to honor Jesus as King or to call for his death. But in the end, Jesus had taught, everyone chooses to be either with him or against him.


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