Posted by: Pauline | March 11, 2018

Scriptures for Sunday March 18

1 Peter 1:3-9

The recipients of Peter’s letter lived in a culture that was hostile to their Christian faith. If they were faithful to Christ, they could expect to suffer for Him. The theme of suffering runs throughout the letter, but the focus is not on the suffering, but on the hope that will sustain them through it. No matter what happens to them, they have the promise of future joy and blessing, and the assurance of being sustained by God through the current trials.

Psalm 27

Psalm 27 can be described as either a psalm of trust or a psalm of lament – or both. The psalmist begins and ends by expressing trust in God, but in the middle contains verses where the psalmist begs God not to turn away from him or forsake him. He has expressed confidence that, because of God, he need not fear other people. But he does seem to fear that God Himself may withdraw His blessing.

We often live our lives in a mixture of trust and fear. We know that God can take care of us, that there is nothing to difficult for God to handle. Yet we’re not always sure God will come through for us, because, after all, we don’t really deserve it. But with the psalmist we can trust that God will not forsake us, and seek His guidance through all the difficult circumstances of our lives.


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