Posted by: Pauline | February 25, 2018

Scriptures for Sunday March 4

Romans 8:18-32

Advertisers sometimes attempt to sell their products using “before” and “after” pictures. What we have now is the “before,” but with their products, we are assured, we can look forward to the promised “after.” In this passage, Paul paints a vivid picture of the “before” that all of us experience, full of suffering and groaning. But he also reminds us, repeatedly, of the hope that we have. The “after” is only hinted at, but it will be so wonderful that all the suffering will have been little in comparison, just like the joy of a child’s birth eclipsing all the pain of labor.

Unlike the advertisers, Paul is not trying to appeal to those who are as yet undecided about his message. He speaks to those who are “sold” on Jesus Christ. But they may be wondering why the reality of their life in Christ is not as glorious as they might have hoped. We are still in the “before,” he reminds them, but we have the certain hope of God’s promise of the “after” that will one day be ours.

Isaiah 45:9-13

We can agree on how strange a thing it would be for a pot being shaped on the potter’s wheel to complain to the potter about its shape. But we are often prone to complain about the world and people God has made (including even ourselves, sometimes) – though we generally do our complaining to each other and not directly to God.


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