Posted by: Pauline | February 5, 2018

Scriptures for Sunday February 11

Exodus 24:9-18

Considering the passages of Scripture that say one may not see God and live, it may surprise us to find it said of over seventy men of Israel that they “saw the God of Israel.” All that is described of what they saw is something like a clear pavement under God’s feet, which suggests that their vision included God’s feet. This could indicate either that they were on their faces bowing before God and saw only His feet, or that they were somehow beneath the clear pavement, looking up and seeing only His feet. In any case, it must have inspired both awe and fear in these men.

Mark 9:2-10

By this point in Jesus’ ministry, his disciples had seen him do a number of very surprising things, demonstrating a power that could only come from God. None of that, however, seems to have prepared them for the vision of his glory that they witnessed in what we call the Transfiguration. Perhaps nothing could have. Even that brief glimpse of divine glory was about all they could bear.


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