Posted by: Pauline | January 7, 2018

Scriptures for Sunday January 14

2 Timothy 1:1-7; 3:14-15

People often have strong attachments to traditions and objects that have been handed down through the family, from one generation to another. To an outsider, they might seem to have little value, but within the family, they are prized because they link people to the remembered  faces and events of childhood.

Sometimes religious faith is one of those prized connections, while other times people seem eager to shed a tradition that they associate with childish foolishness. In these passages in Paul’s letter to Timothy, he reminds Timothy of his religious heritage and exhorts him to hold fast to it.

Matthew 18:1-6

Family life in today’s society often revolves around the children, their interests, desires, and activities. Children in Jesus’ time may have been well-loved by their parents (though then, as now, there were always those who were abused rather than protected), but they had no status, rights, or power, and family life certainly did not revolve around them.

Wanting to teach his disciples about humility, Jesus points to a child as the example to follow. The typical human impulse is to seek positions of higher status and power, or at least to try to be associated with those of high status. But those whom Jesus tells his disciples to welcome have no power or status.


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