Posted by: Pauline | December 4, 2017

Scriptures for Sunday December 10

Joshua 6:15-25

Archeological excavations of Jericho show that it was a well-fortified city, with both an inner and outer wall. Supplies of grain have been found in the ruins, so the city must have been destroyed shortly after harvest. There was also a spring within the city, so the people were prepared to sit out a lengthy siege. The “siege” lasted only seven days, however, before the walls came tumbling down and the Israelite soldiers captured the city.

Only one section of the wall did not collapse, presumably where Rahab’s house was located. Rahab would not have known much about the God of Israel, but she had heard about His wondrous acts in delivering His people from their enemies. As a resident of Jericho, her people were among those enemies, but she chose to shift her loyalty to the Israelites and their God, and was able to become a part of God’s people.

Matthew 1:4-6a

The genealogies in the Bible often read as a catalog of mostly unfamiliar, unpronounceable names. Occasionally a familiar name shows up, like David. But one lesson of the genealogies is that every link in the chain matters. David would not have been born if not for each one of his ancestors – even the mostly unnamed women in his family tree.


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