Posted by: Pauline | June 25, 2017

Scriptures for Sunday July 2

Psalm 13

Many of the psalms are known as “psalms of lament.” These psalms teach us how to cry out to God in the midst of pain and sorrow. The psalmist does not hesitate to pour out his complaint to God. But his cry for deliverance also reflects his understanding of God as sovereign Lord over all things, and this psalm, like most psalms of lament, finishes with an expression of trust and praise.

Matthew 10:40-42

In the preceding verses, Jesus emphasized the cost of discipleship. Following Jesus is not like taking up a new hobby, as though we were just adding one more activity to our lives that will make it more fulfilling. Discipleship means giving our highest allegiance to Christ, which may anger those people who thought our first priority should be family, or country, or some cause or ideology.

In this context of rejection by others, Jesus now talks about welcoming him and his followers. Those who have been expelled from their family, which was the basis for nearly all relationships in that society, need to find a welcome in the new social group made up of those who follow Jesus. Of course, by welcoming these rejected ones, they show where their loyalties lie and face the same kind of rejection themselves. Yet as little an act of welcome as giving something cold to drink (much appreciated in that hot, dusty climate) will in the end be rewarded by God.


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