Posted by: Pauline | May 28, 2017

Scriptures for Sunday June 4

Acts 2:1-21

People often find it difficult to trust those who do not speak the same way they do. Even just speaking with a different accent can mark someone out as different, and perhaps not trustworthy, and so much the more so when people speak different languages. Even if they have learned to speak each other’s language, there is always the fear of misunderstanding.

The Jews visiting Jerusalem would have spoken probably at least two or three languages, and were prepared to use the local language as they joined in the celebration of God’s goodness in providing for His people. But hearing people speaking of God’s mighty works in their own native languages – that had an impact that made the words all that much more meaningful.

Isaiah 49:5-7

Long before the time of Jesus, God had made it clear through the prophets that He wanted to bring all nations to know and worship Him, not just the Jews. If they concluded that God being exalted among the nations also meant that the nation of Israel would be exalted among the nations, because He had chosen them first, it is because such is human nature, to see ourselves as central to everything that is going on.

But God never let human self-centeredness frustrate His plan. His servant would be despised even by his own people, but in the end God would use his servant to proclaim salvation throughout the world.


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