Posted by: Pauline | March 26, 2017

Scriptures for Sunday April 2

James 2:1-13

It is human nature to want to be around people who are like us, or who represent what we aspire to be (wealthy, successful, etc.) But God has put people together in the church without regard for those preferences of ours. What we have in common – Jesus Christ – is far more important than what is different among us, and God expects us to treat each other as members of the same family.

We don’t generally think of treating some people better than others as a sin, and certainly not in the same class as those other sins James mentions. But James is using God’s standard, not ours, which is to “love your neighbor as yourself.” And everyone in church is our neighbor as well as brother and sister.

1 Corinthians 11:17-34

This passage is most familiar to us from the Communion liturgy. But in its original context, Paul was giving instructions to the church in Corinth on how to treat one another. Rather than sharing their food and wine when they gathered for the Lord’s Supper, some people were eating and drinking all they had brought and even getting drunk, while others went hungry. By their behavior it was clear that they had respect neither for the Lord’s sacrifice they commemorated nor for their fellow believers.

Paul does point out one positive aspect to divisions among the church. While the man-made divisions are displeasing to God, there is also a division between those whose faith is genuine and who demonstrate it by the way they treat one another, and those who claim the name of Christ but whose actions say otherwise.


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