Posted by: Pauline | February 13, 2017

Scriptures for Sunday February 19

Luke 7:36-50

This is one of several meal-time scenes in Luke’s Gospel, and one of three in which Jesus dines with a Pharisee. Such dinners were not so private as dinner parties today, and it was acceptable for poor people to be present nearby to get some scraps of food.

So it was not the woman’s mere presence that upset Simon the Pharisee, but the intimate act of touching his feet, not only with her hands but with her hair and her lips. Whatever sins she was known for, she was unclean and her touch would make Jesus unclean.

Jesus does not minimize the magnitude of the woman’s sins, but points out that, having sinned so much, she is especially grateful for being forgiven.

Psalm 130

This psalm is one of the fifteen “songs of ascents,” thought to have been used by pilgrims on their ascent up to Jerusalem. Knowing that in order to approach God they needed to be in a right relationship with Him, they would find the words of this psalm helping them to ask God’s forgiveness, individually, for their sins. Then it encourages them to wait and hope in God. Finally they are joined in praise to God, knowing that He cares not only for them as individuals but as the people of God.


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