Posted by: Pauline | January 29, 2017

Scriptures for Sunday February 5

Luke 7:1-17

Often Jesus heals people because he has been asked to, either by the sick person or by friends or family. Such is the case with the healing of the centurion’s servant, where Jewish elders asked Jesus on behalf of the centurion, who asked on behalf of his servant.

But other occasionally Jesus brings healing to someone who hadn’t even asked. In the case of the son of a widow in the village of Nain, it probably never occurred to her to ask. For one thing, she had no idea Jesus was nearby. And even if she knew he was near, and had heard of his power to heal, she would not have asked, because it was too late. Her son was dead.

But Jesus amazed everyone by raising the dead man to life. This was the kind of miracle people had heard of in the stories of great prophets of long ago, but never expected to witness themselves. They were filled not just with amazement but with fear, perhaps because the great prophets had not only showed the power of God in their actions but also frequently proclaimed God’s judgment on His people.

Psalm 119:105-112

Some people today think of God only in the context of religious rituals, often limited to special times and places. But the psalmist clearly thinks of God in connection with all of his life. When he suffers, he prays to God. When he reflects on blessings in his life, he praises God. When he considers his future actions, it is always with regard to what God has commanded. He does not know what future God has planned for him, but he knows God’s word provides the guidance he needs, day by day.


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