Posted by: Pauline | January 8, 2017

Scriptures for Sunday January 15

Luke 4:14-30

The people of Nazareth must have been excited to hear what Jesus would say that Sabbath in the synagogue. They had been hearing about what he had said and done elsewhere, and they must have expected even greater things from him now. After all, Middle Eastern culture dictated that his first loyalty be to his family, and then to his hometown.

So they were shocked and offended when Jesus made it clear that they could expect no special favors just because he had grown up among them. On the contrary, he reminded them that prophets were not received well in their hometowns, and that God had a history of blessing people who would have been considered outsiders.

Psalm 146

This psalm is a song of praise to God, and also a reminder of where to put our trust. People will let us down – even if they have the best of intentions, simply because they do not have God’s power, and because death puts an end to whatever good they might have tried to do. And, of course, we know that people do not always even try to do good. Those whom God saves from various troubles are often in trouble because of their own sin or someone else’s. Only God is always faithful, always loving, and always able to accomplish His purposes.


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