Posted by: Pauline | September 11, 2016

Scriptures for Sunday September 18

Genesis 15:1-6

In our modern society, when some couples remain childless by choice, it may be hard for us to grasp just how difficult is was for Abram and Sarai to have no children. Custom allowed for the servant Eliezer to inherit, which would include providing for the couple in their old age. But God had previously promised offspring to Abraham, and so far the promise remained unfulfilled.

There is still no evidence it will be fulfilled, except for God’s word of promise and the visual reminder of the myriad stars in the night sky (for more visible in that place and time than we are accustomed to). Yet that was enough for Abram, for he considered God trustworthy in all that He said and did.

Luke 3:1-9

By the time of Jesus, Abraham’s descendants were indeed numerous, though in terms of worldly power they were not all that significant. And those who did wield power in their land did not have the kind of faith in God that Abraham did.

Many of them seemed to have thought that their identity as descendants of Abraham was all that was needed to have a right relationship with God. But John insisted that God expected repentance, together with the right living that accompanies true repentance.


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