Posted by: Pauline | July 31, 2016

Scripture for Sunday August 7

Matthew 25:14-29

We may find it easy to criticize the servant who received the one talent for burying it in the ground. It seems a very foolish way to treat money entrusted to us; naturally our first thought would be to put any large sum of money in the bank where it would not only be safe but earn interest.

But burying money was a normal method of keeping it safe, back in that day. And while “one talent” doesn’t sound like very much money, especially when the other servants were entrusted with two or five talents, a single talent was worth about twenty years’ wages for an ordinary laborer. Why risk losing that much money if it could be kept safe underground?

Because clearly the master did not want it merely kept safe. Since he had given to each servant according to his ability, clearly he believed this servant capable of investing one talent wisely and well. But fear of failure kept the servant from even trying to fulfill his master’s expectations.


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