Posted by: Pauline | May 22, 2016

Scriptures for Sunday May 29

Galatians 1:1-12

Paul’s denunciations of those who preach “a different gospel” may sound unnecessarily strident to many in our modern society, where there is such an emphasis on “let’s all get along.” Why, those people may wonder, couldn’t he just lay out his arguments and let the Galatians decide which teaching to follow? After all, what was so awful about Gentile Christians getting circumcised like the Jewish believers in Christ?

Paul will spend the rest of the letter explaining just what was so awful about it. But he begins by making it clear that this is not just his opinion. If it were simply Paul’s ideas versus the ideas of the Judaizers, then perhaps it would make sense to compare the two and decide which seemed better. But Paul’s gospel comes directly from God, and to try to modify it is to go against God Himself.

Luke 7:1-10

It is interesting that the word used by the Jewish elders of the centurion, as they speak to Jesus on the centurion’s behalf, is one that the centurion disclaims of himself. They call him worthy; he calls himself unworthy. The Jewish elders seem to assume Jesus will be impressed by the man’s goodness, but Jesus is more interested in the man’s faith.


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