Posted by: Pauline | April 3, 2016

Scripture for Sunday April 10

Acts 3:1-10

Anyone who has watched a young child learning to walk knows that it takes more than just healthy feet and legs. It takes a lot of practice, as the muscles develop both strength and the “muscle memory” which enables one to walk easily without having to think about how to do it.

The lame man in this passage had never learned to walk because he had been lame since birth. When he was healed in the name of Jesus, not only were his feet and ankles made strong, but God also gave him strong leg muscles and instant “muscle memory” so that he was able to not only stand without falling over but go leaping about.

The Jews at the temple who witnessed this miracle knew the lame man – they had probably seen him every day as he sat there begging. They also would have been familiar with the prophecy in Isaiah 35, where one of the results of God’s coming is the lame man leaping like a deer.

When Jesus had come to them, many of them had missed the significance of who he was. But now as the lame man is healed in Jesus’ name, they have another opportunity to recognize the Messiah, crucified but now risen, and join the community of believers.

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