Posted by: Pauline | March 20, 2016

Scripture for Sunday March 27

Mark 16:1-8

People are often more comfortable with a bad situation that they understand than with the uncertainty of something so good it is beyond their understanding, perhaps beyond their imagining. The women coming to the tomb were grieving, heartbroken at the loss of their rabbi. But at least they knew what to do – anoint the body with spices.

Instead, they receive news that the man they knew had died is somehow alive again and is planning to meet his followers back in Galilee. Such great news is so unexpected, so far beyond their ideas of what might or could happen, that they don’t know what to do. It would have been easier, in a way, if all they had to do this morning was find someone to open the grave for them.

The first readers of Mark’s Gospel knew, as we do, that the story didn’t end where the Gospel ends. Clearly the women did finally manage to tell their incredible story to the other disciples. But for those who are still struggling with fear and confusion, Jesus’ message is the same: he is going on ahead and will meet them as they continue about their lives.


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