Posted by: Pauline | February 27, 2016

Scripture for Sunday February 28

Mark 12:1-12

Unlike some of Jesus’ other parables, the meaning of today’s passage is very clear. It was especially clear to the chief priests and scribes and elders who had just questioned Jesus’ authority (at the end of the previous chapter). They understand that he spoke the parable against them, and they would have arrested him if they hadn’t been afraid of how the crowd would react.

Why would Jesus tell such a story? He had just said he wasn’t going to tell them by whose authority he acted, but he leaves little doubt in this story whose authority he represents. Perhaps he wanted to make it clear that none of what was going to happen to him would take him by surprise. He knew what would happen to him, he knew how it was part of God’s plan – and he knew that in the end he would be vindicated, and his enemies condemned.


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