Posted by: Pauline | January 3, 2016

Scripture for Sunday January 10

Mark 2:1-22

When hearing or reading this passage, we may find our minds distracted by trying to visualize events that don’t fit with our familiar mental images of things like roofs and beds. With today’s technology, paralyzed people can often get around reasonably well, but it might take a miracle to pick up one of our beds and walk around with it!

But the bigger miracle in this story is one that is not affected by different cultures or technologies, because human nature hasn’t changed. We all need forgiveness for our sins, but it takes the power of the Holy Spirit to bring us to repentance so that we turn in faith to the one who forgives.

Some of us may identify more readily with the “sinners and tax collectors” who were welcome at Jesus’ table, and others with the religious traditionalists who wanted an explanation of why Jesus wasn’t doing things “the way we’ve always done it.”

But all of us are “sin-sick” and our souls in need of His healing.


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