Posted by: Pauline | December 27, 2015

Scripture for Sunday January 3

Mark 1:21-35

To people in our society where so many claim to speak with authority, Jesus’ voice may sound like just one more among so many. Even to those of us who revere Jesus as the ultimate authority for our lives, it may be hard to identify with the amazement of those who heard him at the beginning of his public ministry.

They were accustomed to teachers whose approach was to cite well-known authorities and traditions. But Jesus spoke with his own authority – and he went on to demonstrate that authority by using it to drive away evil spirits and sicknesses from people.

He became very popular very fast. Many people would welcome such a crowd of followers, but Jesus saw how it could impede his ministry. He was not out for power or popularity, but to fulfill the mission he had been given by his Father.


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