Posted by: Pauline | August 9, 2015

Scriptures for Sunday August 16

Psalm 111

Psalm 111 is one of the acrostic psalms – each line begins with a letter of the Hebrew alphabet. This means of structuring the psalm lends itself more to a series of statements praising God rather than developing a theme with logical progression.

Repeatedly, the psalmist praises God for His great works, though he does not elaborate on what works he has in mind. His hearers, however, would have known well the history of what God had done for them as a people, as well as the obvious work of God in creating and sustaining the world and all living things.

Ephesians 5:15-20

Paul exhorts Christians to “make the best use of the time” we have. To some people that would suggest the need to be always busy, getting things done. But just a few verses later, Paul emphasizes the importance of thankfulness and singing praises to God for who He is and what He has done.This is not necessarily in the context of corporate worship, but may include social gatherings of believers (occasions where non-believers might spend their time getting drunk).

Much has been written about the meaning of the Greek in “psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs.” Some people see these as three different kinds of music, while other point to the fact that all three Greek words were used in the Greek translation of the book of Psalms. What is clear is that they are all songs that praise God and that this praise is a result of the Spirit working in the believer.

John 6:51-58

This passage prefigures the sacrament of Communion that would later be instituted at the Last Supper. While Christians of different denominations have differed over the meaning of Communion, Jesus makes it clear that in some way accessible only by faith in Him, we draw our spiritual life from Him.

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