Posted by: Pauline | January 11, 2015

Scriptures for Sunday January 18

Joel 2:11-17

God calls on His people to return to Him, with sorrow for their sins which have brought God’s judgment on them. They are to have a change of heart, not just an outward show of sorrow. But this is not primarily a call to individuals to experience an inward change; it is a call to the community as a whole to gather in worship. Believing in God’s grace, they will all come together – even nursing infants and even the newly married – and ask for God to have mercy on them.

Psalm 100

This psalm is a joyful call to worship. We are glad to come into God’s presence, filled with thanksgiving for all His goodness. We remember that we belong to God, that we need Him as our Shepherd and that He does care for us as His sheep.

Hebrews 10:19-25

In the Old Testament, the holy places in the Temple were restricted to priests offering sacrifices. Under the new covenant, however, all believers may come into God’s presence by the blood of Christ, which cleanses us from sins in a way that the animal sacrifices never could.

Some might be tempted to think that, having been thus cleanses, they need not concern themselves about their relationship with God. But the author of Hebrews reminds us that we need to come together and encourage one another to serve God by love and good works.


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