Posted by: Pauline | July 20, 2014

Scriptures for Sunday July 27

Job 38:1-11

Contemplating the marvels of creation is always a good corrective for human pride. However impressive the works made by people, they are as nothing compared to what God made. And the things we make have little lasting power, compared to the mountains and oceans which are just as impressive today as when God first created them.

Psalm 147

The psalmist reminds us of many reasons to praise God. Creation not only shows us God’s power but also His provision for us and for all living things. Moreover, He is concerned with how we live, giving us good laws to live by, and blessing those who live by His laws.

Isaiah 40:12-31

The message of this chapter is for a people who have suffered greatly, and have wondered where God is, and whether He cares about their suffering. The response is, in part, similar to that given Job when he asked such questions.

In addition, the people are reminded of the power of God compared to that of the lifeless idols, and to the men of power on the earth, whose life and power are so very brief. They need to wait, and God will give them strength.


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