Posted by: Pauline | June 22, 2014

Scriptures for Sunday June 29

Genesis 22:1-14

The story of Abraham’s near-sacrifice of his beloved son Isaac is one of the most poignant, most disturbing, and most thought-provoking in all of Scripture. Many generations of both Jews and Christians have pondered its meaning and offered a wide variety of interpretations.

Some people think Abraham must have misunderstood what God wanted. Others focus on how the story prefigures the sacrifice of the Son of God, possibly on the very same mountain some two thousand years later. But the thrust of the story is on the faithful obedience of Abraham, willing to give up what he loved most, in response to the call of God.

Romans 6:12-23

Modern society teaches us to value freedom highly. We are taught to desire the freedom to act as we choose, without someone else telling us how to live. But the apostle Paul does not present a contrast between slavery and freedom, but between slavery to sin and slavery to righteousness.

There is a great difference between serving sin and serving righteousness, both in terms of the morality of our behavior and the consequences of it. Service to sin is degrading and leads to death. But having been freed from sin, we now serve God, and the only freedom worth having is in His service.


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