Posted by: Pauline | August 25, 2013

Scriptures for Sunday September 1

Psalm 103:1-8

The phrase “bless the Lord” can sometimes be confusing because we do not bless the Lord in the same sense that He blesses us.  When we bless the Lord, we are praising God and giving thanks for the ways in which He has blessed us, and also declaring who He is and that He is holy.

Psalm 103 reminds us to bless the Lord in this way, and gives several reasons why, in terms of what God is like and what He has done for us. It is easy to start praying by thinking of the ways we want God to bless us, but starting with praise and thanksgiving helps us focus on how God already has blessed us and continues to bless us.

Mark 6:30-34

With our fast-paced lives, doing too much and resting too little, we can imagine how Jesus and his disciples felt, with “no leisure even to eat.” They needed time to get away from the crowds, so Jesus calls them away to a place where they can rest.

But the crowds see where they are going and get there first. Jesus could have insisted on the time for quiet and rest that he and the disciples needed. But instead he sees the people’s need, has compassion on them, and begins again to teach them.



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